Aura Kingdom’s Drawing contest

My entry:

Rosebonbon et Sucre


Its good, I got to practice and understand Photoshop better :3
I have enjoyed playing Aura kingdom, tired different classes and even joined a guild with awesome people. It was worth giving the contest a shot!

I chose to draw my main character Rose BonBon and My serif: Sucre. I have kept my Eidolons names pretty much the same as they all relate to sugar, cakes and sweets(e.g: sucre, Gold Caramel, Tiramisu.. etc.). I thought it would make the whole thing more fun and it did. The guild I have joined is “Mercenary” and the server is “Siren”- The people online are great, which makes the game even better.

I want to thank Khinho, Valtiel, Kanashi and Yeinez, they helped me level and understand the game better :3 ! Anyways back to work!


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