1.My day. Today


Today was hectic.

I woke up “rather” late, I did not hear my alarm clock’s piercing cries because I ended up all wrapped up in my warm bed at some point during the night. What actually woke me up was the cat and the mom, yelling and notifying me about the time and the troubles that awaited me- And so, my lazy self eventually managed to get out of bed. WOOSH! I stormed through the corridor and took the fastest shower a girl could ever take- dressed up- ate up- grabbed everything and just walked out. At that point everything went very quick, I ran in the stairs, to a shop, bought a top up for the phone, ran again to cross the road and finally got to the bus stop. The sudden pause there made me feel like a chocolate melting and relaxing under pressure and heat [Actually, it was freezing]. I did not have much time to catch up with my breath, but I knew that the bus journey would be relaxing- no worries there.

I got to the college eventually. Entered the classroom, prepared everything for the last Life drawing class. When we’re doing a life drawing class time always flies- before I knew it I was in the car driven by Ali, back to the other college campus with Craig and Andrew. The rest of the day consisted of Green screen and filming, it was intense and a lot of fun too. I feel too tired to write anymore stuff… so… Good NIGHT :3



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