The Green Room

I am terribly sorry.

It might look like I am apologizing to no one but lets say that it is an apology to me. I have been so busy this past few weeks, or days… [I can’t remember]- Volunteering, working, researching, etc. The promise I made towards the blog got totally left behind… This is why today, I am apologizing up here on the internet, in public and it really is not like I’m shy or anything [ (-/////-)’]… As I promise that more post are coming up. Soon. Soon enough…

Let’s make a Blog post about my thoughts on the “Green Room”

Most ff the time, when I have been there to film…which happened only twice and it was great. Everyone seemed like they were having a good time even if sometimes we are not doing it right. The only problem is that we cannot go there all the time, and I feel like the lecturer has not been very “okay” with going there… “YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN”- I mean. Excuse me for having a storyboard and friends to help with different things like; lighting and acting and stuff… Doesn’t that sound like a plan?- Arf, this is turning into a rant.

No. I mean yeah. If we exclude the trouble we must go through to get to the green room, the time I spent there was great.



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