[Day 14 Apicaday challenge]- StoryBoarding…



So, My classmates and I were sort of given a lot of books to understand “The Art of Storyboard(-ing)”- We have at least 4 storyboards to complete before getting back to college. Here is some advice I can give really quickly to help anyone who intends to leave it to the last minute forgetting to read what the lecturer gave us.


  1. Understand perspective
    Just to make your drawings easier to understand and more interesting. Make things in 3D

2. Make sure you know how many cameras are available to you. Understand your own “movie”-work out how many takes and hours it will take you to film.

3. Write every explanation down, does not matter how messy it looks as long as you understand your own writing. The drawings must be detailed enough to understand the story on its own.

4. If the problem is just “drawing” because it is not your forte, all you can do is practice. If you do not have enough time to practice then Google pictures and perspective, draw and copy and adapt it to your environment and character. No pressure it is like making a comic.

5.Use pencil and go over with pen. Add the shadows to make the forms and shape a little more natural and understandable.

Good luck. 🙂


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