The Mornings.

I sleep at strange hours and I often find myself working, gaming and drawing at night. It is not always good but I find inspirations easier this way. Needless to say working and having fun at night means sleeping mostly during the day, and I have had friends commenting and teasing me on that-

-“You never say ‘good morning’ to anyone, all I ever hear you say is Hey or Hi”

-“Yes, I’m afraid I’m not very used to it”

-“HAHAHA, yes of course you wake up in the afternoon.”

While we’re on holiday, I have been laying on the couch with my cat watching the sun come up from behind the mountain sitting right in front of my window. On the next day, I thought that recording part of it would help me watch it if I ever miss mornings again. Not making fun of me now eh? Good Morning 😀

The video was filmed using a pretty old camera from school, so the quality isn’t great. One thing I could recommend though is watching the sun rise with your cat wrapped up like a burrito on the couch.. It is one of the best things I have ever done. :3


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