[Day 9 Apicaday Challenge]- Mikasa

I’m sorry, I have not been out today, so no great pictures. Was not feeling well these past few days. ¬_¬ but print screens count right?- I’ve been having trouble with Photoshop, so I could not save my work properly. This is kind of the first drawing I have done using my new Bamboo tablet. 🙂 I love this tablet now. Here is a picture of the drawing:



Attack on Titan is just a great anime that confuses your emotions. I cannot count on my fingers the number of time I felt sad, angry, delighted or extremely depressed when watching it. Thus, I am unable to conclude whether I love it or just hate it. It surprises you, and the story is original and well written. I love the relationship between Mikasa and Eren, and then their friendship all together with Armin. So, we can “sort of agree” that I love it somehow?- I would not want to get into too many details and spoil the surprises for everybody. Everyone has to watch it for themselves and see how great it really is.


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