My thoughts on RWBY (/^O^)/

I love it when a group of people work together towards something awesome. RWBY is  a great animation! It has humor, amazing fight scenes and strong colors. Each episode may be short but I understand how hard it must be to animate in Poser, I had trouble with this software before- The fight scenes are so perfect and well synchronized with the sound, I cannot help but say that their animating and video editing skills are near perfection (if not perfection itself).


I am so used to watching Japanese anime that  this western anime-style series seems a bit strange, I am not going to lie but it is a good sort of strange. The voice overs are in English and the music fits well with the style. Change is good!

The character’s personalities are very detailed and the designs are great and original. I understand that they were based on the voice actors themselves- which makes it even “awesomer” to my eyes. The way they presented the different main characters was incredible, they have their own trailers and introduction showing their personality, their color and fighting style. I have to admit not liking anime that only include too much fighting in their episodes all the time, but the way “Rooster Teeth” has done it is so stylish, I cannot help myself but love RWBY.

I’ll be waiting for more episodes to come up and I hope that you guys watch it too.

It is funny how I got to watch this anime. My lecturer suggested watching it because it involved poser, which was one of the software my classmates and I used last year to create our animations. Most of us started hating on Poser because of the crashing and the render test fails… etc. With this new Animation; RWBY; I believe everyone in my classroom will start to have different opinions on Poser. See, it is possible to create stunning, wonderful bright colored animations with POSER.

Picture taken from Monty Oum’s deviant Art Page. (Director and Creator of RWBY)


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