A picture daily for 30 days \(*__^)

It is good to always have a challenge, to feel like you have accomplished something afterwards and also to make you remember your days and stay optimistic. I would have liked to say “A sketch daily for 30 days” but I draw a lot for class already and believe it or not it takes quite a lot of energy.

So a pic daily it is!

Here is my first one.

day one

Yes, it is Miku Hatsune. I thought that today was full of events, I have so many projects piled up I do not want to lose sight of what is going on. I thought that Miku with a stressed face would make me remember my homework to be done.- and yes, I kind of forgot about the challenge and remembered a few minutes ago.. had to come up with something

I have also been loving ARSMAGNA dancing onto vocaloid voices and songs, I have discovered them a few days ago.

There is just something about Japanese culture that I love, I know that sometimes vocaloid’s voices make you feel a bit sad but seeing those guys dance with so much chemistry and energy makes me want to be part of something and get better at everything I’m already good at. ARSMAGNA does not dance only, they include acting in their videos and each of them show different personalities. If they are going to some comic con nearby I would love to go see them! 🙂 And of course, if I get the chance I would love to visit Japan. I love their inside jokes and reaction, let’s not mention anime because I could go on forever.



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