My experience of Guild wars 2

Can I just say?

I have played Prophecies and Loooooooved it. I have tried the other following Guild wars games (never completed any of them but prophecies) and never said anything about them being as good as the first one (because they are not). I thought that Prophecies was an amazing game, and it pushed me towards playing more of other MMORPGs.

There is just some great mood/feeling when playing adventure mmorpg games, it is a lot more fun to play it with close friends and farm together to get great items. I find it AWESOME. 

I’m serious. I have had a lot of experience with mmorpgs since my first try;

My first mmorpg ever played was called “Karos”- it was nothing extraordinary at the time but because I never got exposed to any games like this before,I was amazed and got very addicted to it. (PP probably regrets introducing it to me, hehe. sorry.). I got to understand every little thing, I knew every little glitches and fun little tricks and somehow became an awesome little cleric. Just like any other game, I got bored. I started looking for another game, even though I tried many different free mmorpgs it never was as fun. I am sure that many would agree, a lot of mmorpgs require a lot of hours of farming, and it involves the same thing over and over. I lost interest.


My uncle showed me Prophecies.

The first Guild wars had a totally different way of working, and completing the game was hard work (For PP mostly). It had tough challenges and great main stories as well as funny side quests. I hear that quite a lot of people complain about the new Guild wars (2) because they are comparing it to the first one. Just enjoy them both! Argh.

Those companies put so much work into these games. If you tend to prefer the old guild wars you can always go back to it!- All the guild wars games have great character creations, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G landscapes and art, complex and long main quests as well as fun, exciting side quests with great stories. Most of the games involve different events almost every months with different seasons. The effects and movements are so perfect. At least, I think so.

But I cannot prove at this very moment that Prophecies was and will always be awesome because I have taken pictures of my characters and gaming moments from Guild wars 2 and intend to say that I love this game!


Okay, so I did mention that the character creation is great. I am aware that some other games have bigger and more varied ways of “creating” but in guild wars you can always tweak your armor later and make your character look as awesome as you would like. I do not know whether this whole character creation thing is a big deal to everyone. PP often describes all my characters as my “Barbie dolls”- laughing heartily because I love collecting weapons, skins and great looking armor. It is a girl thing. (Idk is it?)- Cut me some slack will ya!

This character(above) was created ages ago, I do not even remember playing with her because I chose to test out the different races and classes that the game offered. I love how everyone has their own story, their own ways and personality. The Art and Start menu looks incredible, it is original and I like that about Guild Wars. 🙂


I also mentioned the landscape, it has so much detail, so much life to all of it. Running through the grass gives you this amazing shuffle, and the sound effects are so well synchronized with everything that surrounds you. Makes me wonder whether they reproduce the landscapes with photographs or experience the wild themselves then go on to reproduce it.

he details in the architecture of some buildings are awesome too. Just like the towns, especially Divinity’s Reach, how incredible does it look?- So Big, so varied with funny dialogues all over the town. So much work was put into this!


I also like the little silly things spread across the environment and game, makes you realize that it is just a game. I often get so competitive and so ambitious thinking that I could get all the achievements and all the best good looking items when in fact I should just enjoy the game itself. I really like the diving goggles and the diving skills. That really was a great idea. Thank you for making me remember to have fun!


Isn’t the Vista a good idea too? Sometimes the landscape looks amazing and we cannot zoom out enough. Little jumping challenges pushes you to complete them as well.



Seeing funny faces all over the place can make you die from laughter.




I probably used the word AWESOME and AMAZING too much. I am pretty tired so I hope you will excuse the lack of great vocabulary. But basically, you get the message. Guild wars is A GREAT GAME. I recommend it to anyone who loves playing mmorpgs and enjoys a good gaming session with their pals. It is a feast for the eyes, the art and environment is too beautiful. :3

(Also wanted to show off my screenshots)


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