My holiday experiments

We had homework that the teacher never looked for or even tried to check. So, I’m just going to share it with everybody.

Okay. These animation I must add are not Bvh motions that I downloaded from the internet, I actually tried studying the movements and having to act the specific movement myself to see how the body really moves. Of course, I am aware that these little animations are not perfect, but at least I tried. Here is the other one:

One thing I realized is; the action is really slow, I do not know whether I mess up the key frames or if it is the render/save that mess the animation up by slowing it down. With my previous animations I also encountered the same trouble, where some of the scenes are way too slow. I am thinking about changing the keyframes and making it go faster before rendering. Just to have the perfect timing.

Other than that, I am satisfied of the outcome. The animations are really short but I could always put something together on photoshop or after effects. I could even create my own Bvh motions. I can also add that I admire animators and artists who study movement and observe the shapes and muscle of any living thing to then recreate its movement in an animation. I understand that some of them use motion tracking devices just so the work goes faster, but being able to recreate a perfect natural looking movement is kind of hard. I’m just saying.

But even if animation is hard work and means a lot of stress, it really is a lot of fun and rewarding. You get to see your final creation and see your progress, and that is great \(^-^)/



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