Learning from mistakes

I remember last year rendering my piece of animation till the very last minute… I remember having the worst dark circles (I mean, I had worst gaming till late and not sleeping but…)- It was  pretty bad. Creating an animation is hard but rendering takes a lot of time. It makes me wonder how the big companies like Dream works and Pixar do it? (Of course, they have great computers) but rendering is still TIME CONSUMING.

So, I would encourage myself and try to learn from my mistakes. I have to complete the animation early, just to have plenty of time to render properly! Hopefully the software will not crash. I’ve been using poser last year, and this software kept crashing. I wonder if Maya works better. I feel like poser is more user friendly, less buttons and less overwhelming tabs that are scattered all over the screen. On the other hand, Maya looks strong and reliable. Multitasking and rendering might turn out to be better.

poser b

So I’m encouraging anyone who is interested in Animation to always test their renders, and plan to have a lot of time to render as it really is time consuming. (I have to put emphasis on the time here!) [Get loads of computers and dress as a farmer]- And I am also asking advice to the experts, Are you a Maya, Poser, Vue or 3D Max person? why?- Anyway! Let’s see whats happens this year.


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