Okay, I lied…

I actually drew this week. Had to, it was the third life drawing class with a great model who knew how to stay amazingly still.

But you will have to excuse my poor lighting, (the originals look better)

2 3 4 5 6




I have to say; I love the diversity of this life drawing class. Each model is very different and special in their own way. The proportions differ, the form and the shade differ. I try my best to capture the appearance and part of the model’s personality (even if I do not know them personally)- I guess you could call this, the first impression of meeting someone and trying to draw and recreate the mood and aura they give off when posing.

I also find that these classes are extremely helpful, as nowadays I just tend to draw human figure way faster and better than before. My proportions tend to be satisfactory, I feel more confident when drawing. Less time sketching and more time working on the tones and shades.


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