My Doctor

Doctor Who?!

Okay, I would not call myself “The Biggest fan” but quite simply just a fan. (I have not watched every single episode, therefore I cannot really call myself anything else)- But I really enjoyed every episode I have watched so far and most of them had Matt Smith in them.

Yes, I started watching Doctor Who, from where Matt Smith appears as him and likes custard and fish fingers.

Though I have tried watching the other Doctors, I always ended up saying that Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor. Soooo, I got pretty sad when I heard that he was leaving. I do understand that keeping up the same role is tough, and varying your characters makes your career more lively and fun. (Go for it Matt!)

Now, I wonder if it really is okay to “review” the Doctor who series since I’m not THE “number one fan”- I guess it is okay to admit that it was one of the best things I ever watched. It is something worth watching, worth your time, and who ever watches it shall never get bored. Full of surprises and humor, a little bit scary at times (weeping angels gave me nightmares T_T) But yeah! It is a great series, and I wonder if it will go on forever.

Anyway recently, I have been wondering how people do portraits or cool watercolor style paintings with Coffee and water only. It got me curious, and because I have been thinking about Doctor Who and Matt smith, I thought that I ought to try. Here it is;


Oh! Because I happen to be studying animation, I feel like I also have to speak about the special effects done in Doctor Who. I cannot really point anything out. At the time, I was not involved with CGI or Green screens yet. I was fooled by everything, I guess that sort of proves that it has good special effects and great sculptors, right?


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