This is something I never really got worried about, I mean of course I got a bit frustrated when my drawings look nothing like what I imagined it but you get to practice and improve and understand your style.

Every Physical Body is different, some might have a long necks others might have a bigger head, etc.. etc. We all have things we love about ourselves and things that we would like to change, technically half of our body is not identical to the other half, just like our face. So, “Proportions” I feel are not that important… because we are all different and all sorts of shapes and forms exist- I even feel like imperfection is sometimes way more beautiful than Perfection itself, so you are never forced to use the same measurements.

But Something proportionate does appeal to the eye, this is just how our brain works. (If something looks imperfect our brain might work by itself and fix it.)- So here is what our classroom got to learn!


It does help to sketch a human body down.


I feel like this Blog post is not anything new, all artists must know that technique and if they do not they must have some other way of drawing perfect human beings, but I somehow promised that I would post something everyday :). It is going to be hard and I want to give tips and tricks to anyone who wants to learn and stuff.

Thanks for following the Blog, I hope that posts like these will not bore you too much!



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