Gesture Drawings Evolution P2

Last time we were practicing gesture drawings it was way more fun. It got me wondering why the teacher did not show us this technique before (even if I did see it before but never got in a situation to use it). It is the beans technique!

My last Gesture drawings were done in either 30 seconds or 2 minutes and I believe that the beans take more time to sketch down ( for some reason I did not time this one out.. urgh!)- I am not convinced that the movement is alive in the “Beans” technique, but I do feel that the shape and form is accentuated.

Gesture drawing P2 one

 Gesture drawing P2 two

Even if the “Beans” technique does not show the present “movement” of the human body, it shows the possibilities of how it could bend and eventually move (If that makes any sense at all), I feel like you could draw the pose and slightly change the beans position while keeping the proportion and slowly get an animation. From this technique I love how it is easy to get a nice shape and form. I hope I get to practice this soon again! >_<

Earlier stage:


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