Character Concepts

I’m sure everyone has their very own way of creating characters with different looks and personalities. It is possible to write a description of a character, sketch the character or draw a rough silhouette or even impersonate him/her.

With the animation that I have to create pretty soon, I have to design 2 different characters and in my case that is a girl and a guy. I jumped up the stairs missing a few steps and started sculpting a random character on Zbrush, which obviously did not have anything to do with what my character might look like, but it was great practice.

Yesterday I got to create different characters out of blobs using a tablet (on Photoshop)- now, I was in my classroom and everybody else had a great tablet but me (T_T). I only have myself to blame though because I didn’t get up fast enough to go get a “good one”- sorry, I was way too tired, I did not sleep the night before.

The drawing tablet I was using didn’t have a pen sensitivity, so the lines I would draw out would not vary in size or opacity/fades. Yes. I’m complaining. It is okay though, I did come out with some good designs, random designs- I’m happy with them even if they might not have anything to do with my animation.

character concepts

This is the first time I use silhouettes to create characters, I usually just sketch out the human shape as usual and add details (facial features/ fashion/ accessories)- But making random different silhouettes out of random shaped blobs is a lot of fun, I’ll give you that.

Let us see what I come up with.


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