Life Drawing Week 2 ( Foreshortening )

This week, I spent some time getting ready and was one of the last students in position to draw; which gave me a difficult angle/perspective:


Foreshortening forces you to work with shapes and makes you forget about your measurements. In other words, it slaps you in the face and sends you flying out of the comfort zone you spent time building. It turned out fine though, I had my armor on, all set to face it head on! So, in my first drawing, I was experimenting with graphite, and it was not the best tool to combine with the type of paper I used and the exercise, so I soon went back to the charcoal ( I believe that soft pencil or soft charcoal is way better for life drawing exercises, its messier and easier to handle),


The following poses were harder to do, but I got there eventually. The teacher gave us a bit more time to complete the sketches as well (just my luck)- I’m quite satisfied with them. I tend to say that I prefer drawing women to men, and that is because women have more curves, the shapes are sometimes very interesting and easier to sketch down. It was probably for the best that I got the foreshortening corners of the classroom, just to forget about the model being a male and focus on the foreshortening challenges I was given.

IMG_1604 IMG_1608 IMG_1606


Anyway, it was good practice!

Last week’s female model:


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