Wee Comic Book Project

Last year, one of my projects involved creating a story and 2 characters: A villain and a Hero. I had to make a comic book cover (Study their designs) and make the first 3 pages of the comic book itself.

I’m proud of my work considering I did not know how to use some of the software at the time ( Comic Life, Poser and Photoshop). Importance of perseverance! I made a serious comic for the project and a funny one involving my silly “Anime Crush” in my free time at home ( http://axoupixouhou.deviantart.com/art/Who-is-the-best-anime-crush-Page-1-356779699 ).  Comic Life is a very fun software, I would encourage anyone who would want to create a comic book to use it (It is a user friendly and enjoyable software), using Poser for the creation of my characters was hard but good practice (because I had to create an animation for the comic book right after)- and Photoshop is always good for tweaking and changing things around ( was great for the cover design!)

The renders of the characters:

hero vs vilain

My Idea was to have a Hero who has a dark power (necromancy) but uses it to help others, on the other hand I wanted a villain who seems to have a great image and power but uses it for evil.

Here is the 3 pages of the comic book and the my cover design:

FInal cover design Machiavel




The bit of animation to go with it:


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