Life Drawing Weekly

I must admit.

It was funny to see all the boys anxious for our new “Life drawing class” where a naked models pose for you to draw. Of course, the fact that you have a limited amount of time to draw made them quite uneasy too (and the model was a female)- *giggles*

Practice makes perfect.

I was not as worried as everybody else, I had classes like these before and enjoyed them quite a lot. I am an artist who likes drawing fast, to keep the movement and atmosphere present as alive as possible in my drawings.

My advice for anybody else going to a Life drawing class just like this one is to relax and understand that what you are doing is art, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are there to draw shapes and movement, even if you find yourself having trouble with proportions or foreshortening, just erase the drawing lightly with your hand (if you happen to be using charcoal)- If you draw on top of the drawing you messed up with strong shadows and decisive lines, no one will be able to notice it. If you are using something harder to erase like ink or paint, just start again, if the paint or ink did not dry up yet just wash it up with water as quickly as you can, take a piece of tissue wipe it dry and draw over it. I tend to like the dimension it adds to the drawing- This type of drawing exercise can not be clean and neat, unless you are a God. O^O.


The drawing at the top was my first one. It was hard for me to get into the mood and loosen up- But I got there eventually. As you can see:



I tend not to measure and go with the feeling, it does not work for everybody, I know. I just tend to check the shape and work with what I see.


Next time will be a Male model so stay tuned!


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