The Beginning of a new year.

It is September!….  (again) – The month where you are back on the tracks towards new projects at college.

Now, I must admit it sounds pretty exciting, but I did not know that it would make me feel as anxious or just so delighted as to make myself incompetent and unfocused for a few days. These few days consisted of finding inspirations and ideas, which… believe me isn’t always as easy as it sounds. [ If you find yourself having trouble with “ideas” I advice discussing with good friends and watching films or look at art galleries… anything really to give you a great boost]

Fortunately, I have great friends and they gladly helped sharing their ideas or different short animations they found. I’m also blessed with a mom who is a bit of a poet and writer at heart. Finding ideas for my upcoming short animation was hard but… I MADE IT!

Here are the different things that we shared among each other to get some inspiration;

An Amazing Animation by Ryan Woodward.

The flow in this animation is so smooth, and the sketchy style appeals to a large crowd (including me in it!!) – I even tried to create my own story out of the movement and the music.

Requiem For Romance which is another great short animation!

Being the only girl in my classroom, I think I would be the only one interested in putting some romance in my animation. I really like this animation which shows modern love with technology (phones) (~^3^)~

Let’s see what else will give me some more inspiration!! 😀


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